inKompass was born and inspired by an integration of experienced and recommended concepts to enhance and balance your home and well-being.

Ideas and concepts are my personal and favourite collections of respected designs, fabrics, furnishings, lighting, sculptures, art and interiors spaces from experiences, friends, travels, books, websites, blogs and images.

I have a genuine interest in heath & well-being. This is my space to document the insights and learnings of my personal journey.


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WELLNESS & ATD [ Attention To Detail]

 Como Shambhala is more than a wellness retreat - it’s a one stop shop for all things wellness and mind, body, spirit related. For me, it’s somewhere i just wanted to be, really be quiet and still, and absorb the stillness, the clean air, the flawless view, the sounds of the waterfalls.  2 hrs drive inland from Dempasar airport is where you will find this retreat. For a details overview of the estate and it’s philosophies, please read here:

Welcomed with a frangapani o-lay and a delicious and supremely timed [ detox headache coming on] refreshing cucumber,  apple and mint juice. To say the least we we were both thrilled, overwhelmed and blow away by the moment we arrived. We had a personal assistant - Agung, he arranged all our activities and was on call anytime we needed him [ yes, true].

Our room was incredible, surrounded by jungle, waterfalls with traditional yet stylish furnishings and interiors. Our villa was in the ‘water’ quarter, [ in da water - inside couples joke] other quarters were known as fire, air, stone and wood. One of the ridiculously awesome features was in fact the downstairs bathroom. A GIGANTIC purpose build stone bath with wooden carved windows that opened out into the jungle, River Ayung and our daybed enclave.

There is NOTHING about this place that is disappointing -  all my expectation were exceeded.  They certainly have the right formula here for a wellness retreat. I’ll talk briefly about some of the many many features:

1. The cuisine - they covered it all. For those types who want to go hard with the detox plan, you had the option to choose from the delicious raw options or the main ‘Glow’ menu [ with low carb, low natural sugar, organic] options. I was truly inspired. For about a year, i have dabbled in some raw food preparation, but it was seriously tasty- i was re-inspired. My love was also equally excited - they had lamb and Bingtang on the menu!

* Raw coconut crepe with candied banana and coconut sorbet

2. The treatments! [Oh La La]

Included in our package was the signature COMO Shambhala massage, using traditional Balinese techniques! We were ushered into a room purpose built after the Lemongrass Tea for a ‘couples’ massage. A large airy room with an two massage tables, shower, corner spa bath and outside shower. From the moment we stepped in, we knew this was going to be something special. I think we both drifted off to relaxville - I knew my love was asleep due to little noises that resembles snoring coming from his direction.

3. The grounds

Spectacular! The estate was brought in 1997 by the present owners and undertook major renovations. Other than golf buggies, you will not find other motorized vehicle on this estate. Lawns are manicured by caretakers with a single chopping blade and coconuts trees are picked and trimmed by estate staff by climbing up the trees, highly life threatening. The attention to detail is insane! There is a 1 hr walk around the estate down to the river where you will find man-made built natural spring pools, outdoor massage treatment rooms and a Pilates studio, nestled in the edge of the cliff overlooking the Agung River and jungle.

Bali fed my light fetish! A few samples of some spectacular lighting arrangements and lamps…

We have 3 days here on our Bali adventure - and my expectations are high! It is my dream to one day manage my own health retreat.


A good friend Mel recently tied the knot to her soulman Stuie, in a delightful country love picnic in Coonabarabran, also known as ’ Coona’ or Coona ‘bloody’ barabran. Why Coona for a wedding some might wonder? Apparently it was the only way the bride was going to get her mates to her home town for the weekend. At any rate, i was totally up for it. This was an optional camping wedding. We opted for ‘camping’ and had our Oztrail pop up tent packed [the Rolls-Royce of tents] poised for the early Friday morning departure to join the country love picnic.  During the eight hour trip from Byron Bay, i started to think about the last time i visited Coona and special moments in life that we treasure, forever, like a wedding, like a holiday, or even like a school camp.

Coona  - it was in primary school, on a school camping trip to the Warrumbungles National Park. I remember it, vividly! It was year six, and i had recently accepted an invitation to be the girlfriend of a friend, who was a boy, who was my buddy….we were friends, now boyfriend/girlfriend - it was confusing. And it all changed on this trip. We couldn’t play, push or pinch each other annoyingly anymore - we were expected to hold hands,  or something.

We set up camp at the Warrumbungles National Park , and i remember keeping my distance from said friend/now boyfriend. Days passed, bushwalking, climbing the Breadknife, wildlife [wallabies, emus, koalas, wild bush pigs] , games of touch football, dancing and hanging out! But, because of this new boyfriend/girlfriend label, we avoided each other like the plaque. This spectacular attraction is referred to as ‘the place where east meets west’. However, in my case, it was know as The Warrunbungles-  place girl avoided boy. One word to describe it - m’awkward! 

On the last night, we were due down at the camp fire, for a night of song and hot chocolate. Just before we were due at the camp fire,  i was summoned by my fellow campers like a solider to war to meet my teenage love beside the toilets at 6.00pm for a ‘surprise’. Let’s just say it was like walking the plank. I arrived and my fellow campers were waiting, and so was he! With my scarf. He wrapped it around me - then it happen! The first kiss. Gross, SO gross, and highly embarrassing. Everyone was watching - but nothing like that scene on the driveway from ‘Boggie Nights’. 

Thankfully, the next day, we broke up, probally not due to the sheer embarrasment of the occasion, but mostly because we were much better off as  friends…and so everything could go back to being normal. Whilst we no longer are in contact, and this might have been one of the most embarrassing memories of my teenage years, this was a occasion that i won’t forget!

Anyhoo - Mel and Stuie took off on their honeymoon in a tear drop vintage camper - something like this one! They spent 5 weeks traveling round QLD and the tropics like grey nomads - having a delightful time. They stopped by on their way back down the coast during Easter over Bluesfest to show off their vintage camper!

This seems like a perfectly workable option for those looking for an affordable, civilized yet practical honeymoon on the road - ’ Glamper’ it’s refereed to.  And if the travelettes blog is anything to go by, it’s certainly a popular and trendy travel option around the globe.


HIA NSW have recognised the craftsmanship of the renovation at the Myocum House and awarded accordingly with THE Best Renovation in NSW. 

The Myocum house took out the local HIA categories of Best House, Best Eco Sustainable House, Best Renovation over 800K and Best Renovation overall. It then went onto the state award and won Best Renovation and Best Renovation over 800K!!!

Well done Ev!! xx


Amanda’s Country High Tea Baby Shower 

A superb day, filled with loads of laughs, sunshine, games and great food, bubbles and tea! Family and dear friends travelled from Sydney, Newcastle, Armidale and Brisbane for the occasion!

The “theme” was sophisticated shabby chic! The setting was outside under a thriving mango tree overlooking the Mullumbimby Valley in Northern NSW.

The table was set with white linen table cloths and napkins, mis-matched antique crockery and tea cups, glassware with three arrangements of pink and purples roses and carnations. The mango tree was tastefully decorated with rice paper lanterns and an antique lamp shade and mirror. The tea stands were sourced online and brought the whole theme together.

The menu catered for all tastes and pallets. 



Variety Platter

Punch with Red Grapefruit Juice, Pear Juice, Dry Ginger Ale, Sparkling Water with Mint (Non Alcoholic)

Celebration Pink Sparkling Wine 


Gourmet Sandwiches

Chicken, Avocado and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Smoked Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese

 Happy Eggs, Mint, Cucumber,

Turkey, Brie, Cranberry

Rice paper rolls – vegetarian & prawn varieties

Homemade Sausage Rolls with dipping sauce

Mini Quiches – Lorraine & Vegetarian



Scones with vanilla cream and country jams

Berry Friands

Mini Lemon Tarts

Chocolate Brownies


French Earl Grey – with a fruity and floral French twist. A full bodied bright tea and so so pretty

Relax – A soothing, calming floral spice blend to ease tension & clear the mind

Geisha Getaway – Sencha green tea blended with coconuts, pineapples produce a sweet tropical sensation

Spring – heady aromas of newly ripened lemon trees caressed by the sun – bright, sweet and alluring

Organic Peppermint – served with honey

Byron Chai – served with soy milk and honey

Byron Bay Coffee – organic espresso


A selection of hard and soft chesses with dried fruit, fig jam and crackers


This lamp seems to follow me or pop up everywhere i go lately so i was compelled to find out a bit more about it. You may have seen it in season three and four of MadMen or most recently on the Renovators.

Designed by Achille Castigloni for Flos in 1962, this award winning lamp is a great example of modernism and impressive style. The Arco floor lamp provides direct light and satisfies the request of direct illumination without the need to fix it to the ceiling. The base orginally made from Italian marble with a stainless steel frame.

A replica your looking at around $400 and $2500 for the original design from FLOS Acro. Not one to have around the house if you have little munchcins running about eh?!


The best $40 ever spent! This handwash is well worth the investment. It last about 6 months and leaves your hands smelling and feeling amazing! It’s one of those things i just won’t compromise on. Also available is the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm from any aesop store, or from Myers :)


I found this delight at a vineyard in the Hunter Valley! What a fabulous and practical idea for an old or vintage bath tub! I especially loved the doggie bowl!:)

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